Will and Kate Stick Together

3M in the UK is running an outdoor advertising campaign connecting with the Royal Wedding between William and Kate. A human-size yellow post-it note on a billboard has the words, “Will <3 Kate. May you stick together forever. Congratulations. Post-it Notes Super Sticky. Holds stronger and longer". The image here shows the ad being put in place.

Will and Kate Post It billboard


The Will and Kate billboard was developed at OgilvyAction, London, by creative director Paul Garner, art director Giulia Pignone, copywriter Grant Codron, illustrator Don Wilson. Photograph is by Geoff Caddick, Tapestry, copyright PA Wire.

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2 Responses to Will and Kate Stick Together

  1. speciallens says:

    This is cool! Perhaps a tiny arrow across the love heart would be better. By the way 3M double sticky tape is awesome!
    Princess MiMi

  2. Jesse Barnes says:

    Maaaan… post-it practically has a monopoly on adhesive memos so this is more of just a nice message than an ad, really. They probably don’t even NEED to advertise.

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