WeSC Karmatech Social Networking Shoe

Imagine a shoe that can update your Facebook status, get you a discount at a coffee bar or put your picture on Flickr. Students at Swedish digital school Hyper Island developed this concept for shoe brand WeSC, describing it as ‘a social take on Nike+’. The idea is to place an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag in a shoe . The karmatech shoe can be placed on a reader (for example, on a mat) to update the wearer’s Facebook or Twitter status. It could also get them special entry to an event or free products.


The WeSC social shoe concept was developed at Hyper Island, Stockholm, by creatives Kris Bengtson, Pier Madonia, Hampus Lemhag, Mikael Naslund, Anna Anderson and Bodil Gustavsson F├╝rst, with mentoring from Thomas Larsson at B-Reel.

Music is “Teenage Crime (instrumental)” by Adrian Lux.

WeSC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy), or We as it is casually known, is a Swedish clothing brand, based mainly on skateboarding influences and style.

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