Washington Lottery Picking Numbers

Washington’s Lottery is encouraging punters to try their luck at picking numbers with two television commercials with the tag line, “There’s no wrong way to pick numbers”. In “Tarp” a man provocatively parks his car below a telephone line serving as a perch for pigeons. Add a tarp with lottery numbers and the game is set. In “Trampoline” a guy jumps onto a wall to get his fix of randomness.

Washington Lottery Tarp commercial

Click on the image below to play the Tarp video.

Click on the image below to play the Trampoline video.


The Numbers campaign was developed at Cole & Weber United, Seattle, by executive creative director John Maxham, associate creative director/art director Scott Fero, associate creative director/copywriter Jeff Siegel, executive producer Pete Anderson, producer Matt Ralston and Aylin Koker, and project manager Lindsey Lower.

Filming was shot by director Dan Brown via Oh Hello, Seattle, with producer Matt Ralston, Aylin Koker and Tasha Cronin, executive producers Pete Anderson and Nate Barr. Sound was designed by John Buroker at Clatter & Din. Editor was Chris Ophoven.