Volkswagen Speed Camera Lottery

Volkswagen Speed Camera Lottery has been recognised with a Titanium award at Cannes International Festival of Creativity, 2011. The campaign, run in Sweden, was an extension of Volkswagen’s BlueMotion Technologies launch through Rolighetsteorin, the Fun Theory platform. San Francisco game producer Kevin Richardson submitted the winning entry, chosen from 699 entries. The Speed Camera Lottery would reward those who obey the speed limit with the money raised through fining those whose exceed the limit. The concept was put into action in Stockholm as Hastighets Lotteriet, in collaboration with NTF, the Swedish road transport authority. Drivers who obeyed the speed limit got a thumbs up, those who were going too fast got a thumbs down.

Volkswagen Speed Camera Lottery

Volkswagen Hastighets Lotteriet

The Speed Camera Lottery worked on many levels: the average speed was reduced by 22%. Media ranging from ABC to the BBC Worldwide Service covered the campaign, the competition and the winning idea. The Speed Camera Lottery helped Volkswagen continue to boost share and sales in Sweden. From January to June 2010 Volkswagen market share increased almost 4% to 12.9% while sales grew by 5.8% compared to an increase of 3.9% for the overall market compared to the first half of 2009. In the eco car segment alone, Volkswagen saw market share leap from about 8% to nearly 15% proving another theory at DDB: Creating ideas that people want to play with, participate in and pass along is good for business.

Click on the image below to play the Speed Camera Lottery video.


The Volkswagen Speed Camera Lottery campaign, conceived by Kevin Richardson, was developed at DDB Stockholm by creative director Andreas Dahlqvist, copywriter Martin Lundgren, art director Simon Higby, designers Niklas Andersson and Rasmus Kellerman, account manager Jerker Fagerström, director Michael Bugaj, production manager Barbro Långjuth.