Volkswagen Sleepwalker – Fall in Luxury

Volkswagen Australia is running “Sleepwalker”, a television commercial featuring Todd, a man so enthralled with his new VW Touareg that he manages to navigate his way to the vehicle in a slumbered trance each night, even when his wife hides the keys. The Volkswagen Sleepwalker commercial opens on a boy delivering newspapers along a quiet suburban street. We cut to a man abruptly awoken by the tap of the newspaper on the side of the vehicle where he has apparently been sleeping. He rubs his eyes, and surveys the car, unabashed by the location of his rest. We cut to a shot of the man comfortably tucking himself into his actual bed, only to see him waking in his car moments later.

Volkswagen Sleepwalker

Despite changing snoozing locations, the man repeatedly finds himself tumbling out of the car in the morning; one morning with his toddler daughter in his arms and another entirely naked. His wife finally decides to intervene. The couple journeys to a hotel for a night’s rest, where the wife stealthily locks the car keys in a safe box. As the two cuddle into a relaxed sleep, we see the super, “The new Touareg.” We then cut to a shot of a family staring curiously at an off-screen subject as they load their luggage into their car. We see the subject of their stares after cutting to the man sleeping on top of his VW in the hotel’s parking lot, accompanied by the super, “Fall in luxury.” The spot closes with the VW logo and tag, “Das Auto.” Click on the image below to play the Volkswagen Sleepwalker ad in YouTube

The Volkswagen Sleepwalker campaign also features an interactive website,, where you can explore the new vehicle with the sleepwalking man. See the case study video below.

Volkswagen Touareg Fall in Luxury site - Explore
Volkswagen Touareg Fall in Luxury site - Explore
Volkswagen Touareg Fall in Luxury site - Explore
Volkswagen Touareg Fall in Luxury site - Panoramic

Volkswagen Sleepwalker Credits

The Sleepwalker campaign was developed at DDB Sydney by executive creative director Dylan Harrison, creative directors Steve Wakelam and Nick Pringle, digital creative director Matt Grogan, digital art director Ramon Rodriguez, managing partner Nicole Taylor, project director Todd Osbourne, planning director Nick Andrews, business management team Patrice Bougouin and Josette Addinall, agency producers Brenden Johnson, digital producer Ellie Campbell, digital design and production team Mauricio Massaia and Marcio Puga, and production manager John Wood.

Filming was shot by director Sean Meehan via Soma Films, Sydney. Music was produced at Nylon Studios.

Photography was by Nick Meek with still producer Helen Doick at H&G Productions.

Volkswagen Touareg Fall in Luxury - Cat and Bird
Volkswagen Touareg Fall in Luxury - Dog
Volkswagen Touareg Fall in Luxury - Pedestrian Crossing
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