Volkswagen Easy Riders

Volkswagen is running “Easy Riders”, a South African television advertising commercial featuring two two family men setting out to experience the macho freedom of a motorcycle road trip, only to discover that they are better suited to adventure in the comfort of a four-wheeled Volkswagen Jetta.

Volkswagen Easy Riders

“Easy Riders” opens with the triumphant intro of the Matt Monro classic “Born Free” and a shot of a man awkwardly preparing for a motorcycle ride, with his wife peering down in pity and disbelief from their home’s porch. His equally gawky riding partner arrives, stopping briefly for a klutzy high five before setting off on their ride. The man’s lack of knowledge on how to even start his bike sets the scene for the novice ride, next with one of the men receiving a splatter of manure to the face from a truck ahead. The duo accidentally splits paths at a fork in the road, eventually rejoining but apparently lost as one man’s failed attempt to navigate ends with the other man driving into a lake after blinded by a loose map. The men eventually reach their grungy biker bar destination, though it is quickly apparent that they won’t receive a warm welcome. As the man returns home, slightly defeated, his spirits quickly rise as a Volkswagen Jetta pulls up and his vision of a road trip is immediately re-imagined. Back out on the asphalt, the two men nod as they pass a pack of bikers and glace at one another with the restored confidence in their mode of conveyance. The Jetta speeds past the motorcycles as a super appears, “For the driver in you. New Jetta.” The spot closes on the Volkswagen logo and tag, “Das Auto.”

Click on the image below to play the Easy Riders video.

Easy Riders Credits

The Easy Riders campaign was developed at Ogilvy, Cape Town, by executive creative director Chris Gotz, creative director/copywriter Gareth McPherson, TV producer Anthea Beylis, account director Jason Kankelowitz, business director Greg Tebbutt.

Filming was shot by director Erik Van Wyk via Bouffant, Johannesburg, with executive producer Melina McDonald and producer Shannon Gloyne.