Virgin and Method In This Together

Method, the American hand soap company, has sponsored a public service advertisement on Virgin America flights urging passengers to consider their cabin mates and cut down on inappropriate and annoying behaviours. The animated musical number, We’re All in This Together plays on Virgin America flights, where Method products are also used.

Method and Virgin America We're All In This Together poster

Click on the image below to play the All In This Together commercial

In This Together Credits

The In This Together campaign was developed at Droga5, New York, by creative chairman David Droga, executive creative director Ted Royer, head of integrated production Sally-Ann Dale, art director Amanda Clelland, copywriter Tim Gordon, agency producer Ben Davies, group account director Juan Bonilla, assistant account manager Louisa Cronana, working with Method VP Brand exeprience Matthew Lloyd and communication manager Lauren Hesse.

Animation was produced at Three Legged Legs via Green Dot Films by managing director Rick Fishbein, executive producers Darren Foldes and Rich Pring, post producer Tobin Kirk, creative directors Casey Hunt, Greg Gunn and Reza Rasoli, character designers Ashkahn Shahparnia and Chuck BB, layout designer Alex Preston, print designer Tuna Bora, animators Ben Bury, Dylan Spears and Rachel Yonda, additional clean up artist Sam Bachman, interns Melissa Douglas, Kiara Zhao and Wade Wilson. Check out the making of the video at Three Legged Legs.

Music was composed at Human Worldwide.

Sound was produced at Sound Lounge by mixer Keith Reynaud, assistant sound mixer Sasha Awn.