Verizon Alaska

Verizon is running “Alaska”, an animated television commercial designed for the Hispanic market. Julian is in love with a girl in Alaska, but their internet connection freezes and their relationship turns cold. Verizon comes along and saves the day, and Julian meets another girl from a much warmer part of the globe, Colombia.

Verizon Alaska Julian

Click on the image below to play the Verizon Alaska video.

Verizon Alaska Credits

The Alaska ad was developed at Lopez Negrete by chief creative officer Alex López Negrete, creative director/copywriter Mario Salman, art director Beto Pérez and senior producer Gerry Rivera.

Animation was produced at Charlex by director Ryan Dunn, associate creative director Manny Bernardez, senior producer Alex Jarman, art director/illustrator Masayoshi Nakamura, senior Smoke editor John Zawisha, Flame artist Kyle Derleth, lead 2D animator Kyle Anderson, 2D animators Nelson Diaz and Aaron Brewer, senior designer Chisa Yagi, executive creative director Alex Weil, executive producer Meredith Machial.

Sound design and music were produced at ZapBoomBang.

Verizon Alaska Girl
Verizon Colombia Girl