Universal Barber Shop Nostalgia

Canadian agency Target connected with Universal Barber Shop in Edmonton to design and run a print and poster advertising campaign this year, tapping into the strong sense of nostalgia many men have for a time past, a time of simple, straightforward masculinity. The caustically comedic tone positions the Universal Barber Shop in Edmonton as a place that is unapologetically old school.

Universal Barber Shop Moustache Prices

Universal Barber Shop Pole
Universal Barber Shop Aromatherapy
Universal Barber Shop Haircuts Short & Shorter
Universal Barber Shop Appointment
Universal Barber Shop Scalp Massaged


The Nostalgia campaign was developed at Target Marketing & Communications, St. John’s, Newfoundland, by creative director Tom Murphy, art director Dax Fullbrook, copywriter Sarah Park, associate creative director Jeff McLean, group creative director Jenny Smith, and photographers Roth and Ramberg, working with Universal Barber Shop owners Ted and Billy.

  • JC

    Don’t get me wrong I love the campaign, but am I understanding this correctly? Did a barber shop hire an ad agency or was this a charitable thing? Did I miss an underlying cause here?

  • charlotte advertising

    The style sepia looks quite good here, it reminds me of the 60s movies.
    But I think that some catchphrases are better than others here.

  • Nothing beats the old school. Comic!