Union Bank Customers and Staff

Union Bank and Trust, a banking group based in Lincoln, Nebraska, is running an advertising campaign using bank employees and the stories of customers. Filmed against a white background, bank employees pull symbolic props on screen to tell their customers’ stories: Joe’s Nursery, Sarah’s New Job, Tina’s Locations, Mary’s Bakery, Don and Judy’s Retirement. The commercials are designed to communicate that Union Bank is there for customers through all the roadblocks, adventures, and milestones life may bring.

Union Bank Irish Souvenir

Click on the images below to play the Joe’s Nursery, Mary’s Bakery, Tina’s Locations, Sarah’s New Job, and Don & Judy’s Retirement.

Union Bank Customers and Staff Credits

The Customers and Staff campaign was developed at Swanson Russell, Nebraska, by creative director Brian Boesche, copywriter Charlie Stephan, art director Lisa Lorraine.

Filming was shot by director/DP Rich Michell via Twist, New York and Minneapolis, with executive producers Jim Geib and Amyliz Pera, staff reps Kathryn Lotis, Rob Neill, and line producer Dave Bellmont.

Post production was done at Splice, Minneapolis, by editor Chadwick Nelson, assistant editor Joanna Day Fuerst, colorist/online editor Michael Sandness, sound mixer Kent Militzer, executive producer Kel Nelson, post producer Lynn Anderson, digital delivery Mark Abney.