Two Little Girls

‘Two Little Girls’ is a short animated film following the stories of two young women who are cruelly deceived by loved ones. Their stories reflect the two most common ways women and girls are lured from their homes and are trafficked into prostitution by people they know and trust. The film was made in consultation with five Albanian women who were trafficked into the UK and had agreed to share their experiences with the film makers to ensure the accuracy of their stories. This a powerful cautionary tale which has already become a talking point amongst victims of the sex-trafficking trade. While many films on the subject are often distressing and difficult to watch, this film draws in the audience with its animated fairy tale stlye and music before hitting home with its serious message.

Two Little Girls

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Two Little Girls was shown as part of the exhibition ‘not Natasha‘ by Dana Popa at Impressions Gallery, Bradford, in partnership with Autograph ABP. This hard-hitting and harrowing exhibition, documented the experiences of sex-trafficked women from Moldova through photography and collected stories.


Two Little Girls was created, written and produced by Ruth Beni at Animage, London, with executive producer Maggie Baxter, director/compositor/editor Peter Baynton via Tandem, storyboard developer Richard Burdett, designer Ben Fiquet, animators Tom Baker, Helene Friren and Laura Nailor, 3D animator Mike Cook, production manager Jo Evans, Tandem executive producer Mike Bell, senior producer Lynn Hollowell, creative director Daniel Greaves.

Narrator was Juliet Stevenson, with actors Ella Greaves, Marissa Cox, Rick Bland and Ben Fiquet.

Music is by Adrian Lee.

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