Truth Unsweetened Truth, the anti-tobacco movement, has launched “Unsweetened Truth”, a cinema PSA designed to illustrate the impact of smoking on health as well as challenge the ongoing practice of using sweet flavours in tobacco products. Six people on a parade float decorated with candy and fruit, dressed in hospital gowns, sing a “happy song” about the flavours being used in tobacco products. “Chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. Apple, honey and berry blend. Strawberry, wildberry, tangerine. Mango, raspberry, wintergreen. That’s how you make cancer sweet. Why do they make tobacco taste sweet?” The super: “Tobacco companies’ products kill their customers. They can’t sell candy-flavored cigarettes anymore. But they still sell other tobacco products in over 45 candy flavors.” Visitors to the site have the opportunity to read more of the stories of the six singers.

Unsweetened Truth Singers

Click on the image below to play the Unsweetened Truth video.

Thomas Cook, 51, is one of the participants in the campaign. Cook previously appeared in the Emmy-nominated truth commercial, “Singing Cowboy,” in 2006. Images of Tom singing the words “you don’t always die from tobacco…” with an electronic voice box generated keen interest on YouTube and propelled the ad to iconic status. Cook started smoking at age 13 and was diagnosed at 38 with Stage IV larynx cancer.

Four of the featured participants can no longer work in their chosen fields or find full employment, due to physical disabilities. One gave up on his dreams of playing college baseball, after being diagnosed with cancer at age 17. Another cast member has severe physical limitations that impair his mobility and lifestyle.

Unsweetened Truth Credits

The Unsweetened Truth campaign was developed at Arnold Worldwide, USA, by chief creative officer Pete Favat, executive creative director Roger Baldacci, creative directors John Kearse and Meg Siegal, associate creative director/art director Corey Favier, associate creative director / copywriter Todd Mitchell, producer Kevin Shale, assistant producer Katie Harris, account team Paul Nelson, Tia Phillips and Lisa Johnson-Warner.

Filming was shot by director Baker Smith via Harvest Films with producer Bonnie Goldfarb and director of photography Curtis Wehr. Editor was Lawrence Young at Bikini Edit.

Music, “Candy Cancer” was composed by Wojahn Brothers and recorded at The Village. Sound was produced at Sound Lounge by Peter Holcomb.