Toyota Prius People Person

Toyota is celebrating the introduction of the Prius Family of hybrid vehicles with the “People Person,” a larger-than-life representation of all different kinds of people who love Prius. Online at, the campaign centered on a television commercial that creates a single person out of 18 bodies. Eighteen people, each making up a different part of a human body, move around as one person going about his everyday morning routine. The conglomerate family unravels when the People Person sees four new Toyota Prius models parked outside.

Toyota Prius Family Newspaper

Click on the image below to play the People Parts Family video in YouTube


The People Person campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi LA Los Angeles by executive creative directors Margaret Keene, Chris Adams and Mike McKay, creative director Ryan Jacobs and Jeff Church, associate creative director/copywriter Andy Kadin, associate creative director/designer Zach Richter, copywriter Kimberley Ragan, art director Rebecca Johnson-Pond, production artist Clint Hudspet, director of integrated production/multimedia Tanya LeSieur, broadcast senior producer Jennifer Pearse, 3D producer Carl Deo.

Filming was shot by director Mr. Hide via The Sweet Shop by chief creative executive officer Paul Prince, global executive producer Sharlene George, executive producer Tracy Mays, head of production James Okamura, producer Tim Fermino, director of photography John Toon, art director Justin Trask, and production designer Sean Hargeaves.

Filming was mostly shot in live-action using large-scale props, with some green-screen help to create backgrounds. The set, a suburban neighborhood, was shot using a miniature set.

Editor was Avi Oron at Bikini Edit with assistant editor Sterling Robertson and executive producer Gina Pagano.

Finish/Special Effects were produced at Eight VFX by VFX supervisor Jean Marc Demmer, executive producers Baptiste Andrieux and Shira Boardman, VFX producer Donna Langston, VFX coordinator Douglas Scruton, Roto and paint team Marianne Magne, Chris Fregoso and Natalia Schkliar, 3D Artists Mathias Jourdes, Shuichi Nakahara, Jerome Platteaux, Kevin Culhane and Oliver Arnold, 3D Supervisors Giancarlo Lari and Vania Alba-Zapata, compositors Raphael Mosley, Andy Davis, Mathieu Caulet, Yann Mallard, Stephane Allender, Marcelo Pasqualino, Dave Stern, Joe Chiao, Tony Petitti and Colleen Smith. Puppeteer effects were produced at Reel EFX.

Music was supervised by Beth Urdang at Agoraphone Music. Musc was edited by Mark Vidler at Go Home Productions. Sound was designed by Rohan Young at Lime Studios.

Toyota Prius Family Toothbrush

Toyota Prius Family Newspaper

Toyota Prius Family Toothbrush

Toyota Prius Family Feet

Toyota Prius Family Cars

  • Steve

    Nice commercial, certainly this will win many creative awards.

  • david margolis

    This is just plain CREEPY!

  • Tom O’Reilly

    Great commercial! It gets ones attention and you stay focused on the product being promoted.
    I am curious about the background music. I have the impression that it was created exclusively for this commercial. Is that correct? If not, who is it; what is it? Regardless, it is good music.
    Thank you.

    • Dugan

      The tune…Got to Be Free by the Kinks.

  • Just wanted to say “WOW!” What an original, innovative and whimsical concept realized perfectly. First time I saw the commercial I did a double-take, not sure what I was seeing. But when I saw that a group of people had, through amazing contortions, created a man going through his morning routine, all I thought was “Wow.”
    Thanks. Great concept, and the message about the Prius is solidly delivered, too! We’re a planet of all kinds of people who can steer our destinies (at least a little bit) by the decisions we make.

  • chicagoannie

    We love the Prius People commercial, too. Didn’t really notice they were people the first couple times we saw it, just thought it was kinda weird. Then my 9 year old shouted…THE NOSE IS A GUY’S BUTT! The commercial and concept is amazing and quite creative. Love how the lips are legs.