Tontine Fresh Pillows

Tontine, a Pacific Brands pillow manufacturer in Australia, has won the Australian Grand Effie for advertising effectiveness, for the “Fresh Pillows” campaign. Over time, a pillow can grow a complex ecosystem made up of dead skin cells and the things that feed on them. On average there are nine pillows in every Australian home, with the average age of the oldest of these pillows being five and a half years. Tontine, working with Happy Soldiers, launched a campaign recommending that the lifespan of a synthetic pillow be approximately two years. Pillows were released with a freshness stamp, providing customers with a reminder of when they need to look at replacing their pillow. Launched in October 2010, sales in the first week increased with an immediate uplift of +345% and far exceeded the agreed goal of a 30% sales increment. The Tontine Fresh Pillows campaign won two Silver Media Lions at Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2011.

Tontine Fresh Pillows with Date Stamp

The campaign grew out of concern that people weren’t changing their pillows often enough. Even though prior research found stains to be the biggest reason to change pillows, people’s love for their favourite pillow was blind. You can’t underestimate the intimate relationship people have with their pillow – confessing to it; crying into it; hugging it. However, they have no signal; no convention; no way of knowing when to change their pillow.

Tontine Night Ad

Happy Soldiers sought to create a media campaign that would make it impossible for people to continue sleeping on their current pillow. An intense 5-day media activation leveraged the power of media channels close to bedtime , making it difficult for the audience to sleep that night, and used breakfast media to remind people when they woke up, to trigger conversation and purchase. Creative executions were tailored to the specific time of day and media context.

Click on the image below to play the Night video.

Click on the image below to play the Morning video.

The Night commercial was adapted for showing during crime shows, current affairs shows and comedy shows.

Tontine Fresh Pillows Credits

The Fresh Pillows campaign was developed with Happy Soldiers, Sydney (closed in May 2011), by executive creative director John Kane, creative Ben Sampson, agency producer Meredyth Judd, strategy director Mark Sareff, channel planner Sophie Price, business director Lindsey Evans, account director Emma DiGiacomo, designer Tim Haynes, general manager Adam Heathcote, working with Tontine product development and marketing manager Lucinda Kew.

PR was handled by Zarr Marketing. Media implementation was managed by Mediacom.

Filming was shot by director Rey Carlson via Playbig Film with producer Bonnie Fay. Editor was Adam Wills. Post production was done at FSM.

Sound was produced at Sound Reservoir.