To Hell With Ads at Cannes

StrawberryFrog, an advertising agency based in Amsterdam, New York and Sao Paulo, is running a seminar at Cannes Lions International Festival, “To Hell with Ads, Spark a Movement”, at 10 am on June 21. It will look at how the advent of social media, the global recession and the introduction of new technologies have radically altered the marketing landscape in favor of cultural movement marketing. The seminar will explore how this new movement marketing model seeks to mobilize a brand’s audience, by crystallizing an idea on the rise in culture, and then via shared brand experiences towards brand goals that benefit the brand, the consumer and society or culture and how this is fundamentally better suited for 2012 than the traditional purely product-driven USP models of the past. Read on to view the promotional video…

To Hell With Ads video

Click on the image below to play the video.

Ole Pedersen, Chief Strategy Officer of StrawberryFrog New York, Heather LeFevre, Head of Planning at StrawberryFrog Amsterdam and Patricia Deluca, Head of Planning at StrawberryFrog Sao Paulo, will present the seminar.

Ole Pedersen, Chief Strategy Officer of StrawberryFrog New York says: “We are thrilled to be leading this important seminar at Cannes Lions this June. We will answer the questions: how do you create a cultural movement for a brand? How is this cultural movement process different from traditional marketing models? How do you know when you’ve created a cultural movement? And, how do you measure success vs. a traditional advertising campaign? The objective of the workshop is to immerse participants in this new process for marketing in a fun, entertaining and stimulating way.”

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