Thermos + Threadless – Inspiration On Every Bottle

Thermos is partnering with Threadless, with fresh designs from the popular online t-shirt company appearing on hot and cold bottles sold at Target in the USA. Threadless invited fans to submit new designs to go on the bottles. The partnership is highlighted in “Inspiration on Every Bottle”, a fun animated commercial developed by Method Engine and production company Leviathan.

Thermos Threadless

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The Thermos + Threadless promotional campaign was developed at Method Engine.

Concept design and animation was produced at Leviathan by director/lead 3D artist, designer, composite artist Bradon Webb, animators/designers David Brodeur, Katrina Nelken, Chris Green and Frank Donnangelo, stop motion photographer Emily Hindin, design assistants Derek Weglarz and Gareth Fewel, executive producer Chad Hutson and associate producer Brandy Olsen.

Sound and music were produced at Waveplant.

Thermos Threadless

Thermos Threadless

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