The Honda Experiment

Honda is pushing the boundaries of browser based gaming with The Experiment, an interactive game promoting the 2012 Honda Civic. The game, online at, challenges players to create a chain reaction by placing a set of pop-up windows in sequence. Each video window contains an object that interacts with those around it to create hundreds of possibilities and combinations. At the end of six levels users get the opportunity to create their own chains then challenge their friends. The game is created in HTML5 and is designed to be played in Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Honda Experiment Chicken

Honda Experiment Bubbles

If we never venture into the unknown how do we get anywhere new? That’s why you have to experiment. Try different things to see what works. Honda engineers undertook thousands of hours of road testing and tried hundreds of combinations for the new Civic’s rear suspension. The Honda Experiment is a chain reaction game that allows you to try experimenting for yourself. Each window contains a video element. Drag and place them in the right order to trigger a finale at the end of the chain. Try this. Change that. Learn from your mistakes. Then create something entirely new.

Honda Experiment Bullseye
Honda Experiment Objects
Honda Experiment Intro
Honda Experiment Funnel
Honda Experiment Chicken


The Experiment was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, London, by creatives Lisa Jelliffe and Kirsten Rutherford, producer Dominic Tunon, creative directors Chris Groom and Sam Heath, interactive creative directors Gavin Gordon-Rogers, Andy Cameron, designer Chris Welsby, creative technologist Mike Tucker, executive creative directors Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth, project Manager Marc D’Abreo, community manager Matt Simpson, planner Kevin Chesters, account team Vicki Sales, Paulo Salomao, Joe Thomson, working with Honda European communications manager Ellie Tory and head of European marketing Ian Armstrong.

Music was produced by Human Worldwide. Production was by B-Reel.