The Ellington Club Posters

The Ellington Jazz Club is a sophisticated ‘New York-style’ Jazz Club in Perth, where patrons enjoy international and local players in an intimate, dedicated jazz setting. While most folks are happy to listen intently to the fine musicianship, there are the occasional few who need reminding that their conversation level could be hindering other people’s enjoyment. The club’s management commissioned this in-house poster campaign as an alternative to giving the excessive tongue-waggers a tongue-lashing.

The Ellington Jazz Club Poster

If it was background music, it wouldn’t be on a stage right in front of you. Friends, patrons and affable aficionados, we love a good chinwag as much as the next jazz lover, but if you could keep your chit chat low during the sets, we’d be everlastingly appreciative. The Ellington Management.

The Ellington Jazz Club Poster

“It’s called a bass solo, not the ‘quiet bit when you can try a new pick-up line’.”

The Ellington Jazz Club Poster

“And on Just a Tad Too Loud Conversation, It’s Table 4”.


The Ellington Club campaign was developed at The Brand Agency, Perth, by copywriter Mitch Mitchell, designers Judy Moosmueller & Mindy Lee, executive creative director Garry Horner.

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