The Economist Thinking Space 2.0

The Economist has launched Thinking Spaces 2.0, a pan-European campaign consisting of an ingenious iPhone app which works as a location-based wiki of public thinking spaces, in a do-it-yourself open source way. On the map-based system, you can create, explore, and share your thought-provoking locations with the world. The campaign, a follow up to the award-winning Thinking Space site launched in 2009, is designed to build awareness of The Economist brand across Europe and overcome any misconceptions that the newspaper is focused only on finance and economics. By using The Economist’s reader base to create a world tagged full of their favourite thinking spaces, it is hoped to showcase how the brand’s diversity of readership is reflective of the breadth of The Economist’s thought-provoking content.

The Economist Thinking Space 2.0

Users can create their own thinking space on-the-go by taking a photo of their favourite location on their iPhone, and then describing it before uploading. They also have the ability to add audio tags that capture ambient sound or narration. And of course, all thinking spaces can be shared via Facebook or Twitter.

The Economist Thinking Space 2.0

The Economist Thinking Space 2.0

The Economist Thinking Space 2.0 - London

The Economist Thinking Space 2.0 - Amsterdam

The app is free, and there’s an online version at for non-iPhone users. On the website, users can browse the thinking spaces contributed by our global community of Economist readers by location, tags or popularity. The ambition is to build the platform as a real utility over time and to create a genuine service for hyper-local mobile connected users.

Click on the image below to play the demo video in YouTube


The Thinking Space campaign was developed at AMV BBDO, London.

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