The Blank Plank – the Skateboard Canvas

The Blank Plank, online at, is a new online venue designed to give artists and designers can upload their artwork and have people vote and critique their work. The top five artworks each month are put into limited edition production on a plank (skateboard), a t-shirt and an art quality print. Voting on the site, through a 5 star rating system, will be open to all visitors. The Blank Plank, an initiative of Objektcreative, is about promoting the artwork of known artists, launching the careers of unknown artists, and getting great art into the hands of as many people as possible for a reasonable price. The website will be launching at the beginning of November, with the artwork of ten guest artists for sale. See more on

The Blank Plank skateboard - Steve Jobs

The Blank Plank skateboard - Transistor Radio

The Blank Plank skateboard

The Blank Plank skateboard - Involvement Infographic

The Blank Plank skateboard - Process Infographic

Click on the image below to play the video.


“Steve” is by Forest Jakobs. “Who the hell is Dieter Rams?” is by ANders Rhodes. “Color Cubes #18” is by Shawn Weiland.

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