Tetra I Am Your Mother

Tetra Pak is aiming to reframe consumers’ perceptions, and elevate its status to a trusted and valued brand of packaging, in “I am Your Mother”, a new pan-European TV campaign that pays homage to the nurturing mother. Using the theme of motherhood as a metaphor for constant and unquestioning care and protection, the ad shows vignettes of mothers with their children shot through the ‘frame’ of a light blue circle, a visual reference to the circle of protection that appears on all Tetra Pak packaging.

Tetra Pak Blue Circle

Click on the image below to play the I Am Your Mother video.

The ad addresses the problem that in different countries milk quality and longevity can vary widely depending on the quality of the packaging. ‘I Am Your Mother’ promotes the idea that the circular Tetra Pak logo found on every carton gives the consumer confidence that they are giving their family safe, protected milk. Tetra Pak was founded in 1951 after extensive development work to create hygienic packaging for milk resulted in a machine to create tetrahedron-shaped cartons. The company’s motto ‘Protects What’s Good’ underlines its promise to protect not only food, but its customers, the environment and the societies it inhabits.

I Am Your Mother Credits

The “I Am Your Mother” campaign was developed at Green Cave People by creative director/copywriter Malcolm Green, art director Keith Terry, account director Luke Kenny.

Filming was shot by director Malcolm Green via Green Cave People with director of photography Daniel Trapp with producer Phil Tidy.

Editing was done at Final Cut. Post production was done at Rushes. Music was composed by Knut Avenstroup Haugen.