TEDX Taxi Drivers Spread the TED

The TEDx Buenos Aires, held in March 2011, was promoted in the streets by 50 taxi drivers. Taxi drivers were invited to the conference to get a taste of the inspirational conference, before being given a branded rooftop advertisement, a lanyard and information badge, conversation starters for thousands of passengers in the city. Next year the plan is to recruit hairdressers.

TEDX Taxi Drivers

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The Taxi Drivers campaign was developed at Ogilvy, Argentina, Buenos Aires, by general creative director Gaston Bigio, creative directors Javier Mentasti, Maximiliano Maddalena, copywriter Nicolas Vara, art director Ignacio Flotta, general planning director Julieta Rey, production director Valeria Pinto, agency producer Alejandro Travaglini.

Filming was shot by director Nicolás Núbile via Rebolución, Buenos Aires, with executive producer Jorge Larrain and post producer Luis Staffolani. Sound and music were produced at CCCI by Camilo Lessi. Voice over is by Tomás Mackey.