TAC Christmas 2011

TAC, the Victorian Transport Accident Commission in Australia, has launched a Christmas-themed advertising campaign in association with Victoria Police, enuring the community is aware of increased enforcement activity over the summer holiday period. The 2011 TAC Christmas campaign, including television, cinema, outdoor, press, online and radio activity, started with the tag line “Don’t Risk It”, educating Victorian drivers about increased enforcement activity. The campaign continued with “Bloody Idiots”, reminding drivers about the impact of accidents on family and friends.

TAC Another Bloody Idiot

Click on the image below to play the Don’t Risk It video.

Click on the image below to play the TAC Xmas enforcement 2011 video.

Click on the image below to play the Bloody Idiots video.

Christmas 2011 Credits

The Christmas 2011 campaign was developed at Grey Melbourne, by Nigel Dawson, with agency producer Sandi Grasin.

Filming for Bloody Idiots was shot by director Mat Humphrey via The Guild.

TAC Dasher Blitzen? Don't Risk It