T-Mobile You Fix Parking Ticket

T-Mobile has launched a new advertising campaign promoting You Fix, a new plan designed to help customers control their mobile phone expenditure and ensure there are no surprise bills. Car drivers across the UK were given thousands of pounds disguised as parking fines as teams of phoney traffic wardens took to the streets. The Parking Ticket advert shows the reactions of unsuspecting drivers as they return to find their legally parked cars have been ticketed. The authentic looking yellow parking fines, instead of a fine, contain a £5, £10 £20 or £50 note and a good day message from T-Mobile in celebration of the launch of the new You Fix plan. The brand gave away thousands of pounds in the areas of London, Cardiff, Newcastle, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh and Manchester throughout the course of the ad shoot on Tuesday 13th September.

T-Mobile You Fix Parking Ticket

Hidden cameras rigged up in streets and car parks in and around each city captured the reactions from drivers. Local actors and comedians, dressed in parking attendant uniforms, were recruited in each area by the brand. Hundreds of hours of footage were captured by the covert cameras and edited over 72 hours into a 2 minute commercial aired on Friday September 16.

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You Fix Parking Ticket Credits

The Parking Ticket ad was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, London, by creative director Paul Silburn.

Filming was directed by director Jamie Rafn via Smuggler, London, with producer Ray Leaky.

Editors were John Mayes and Olly Strother at Marshall Street Editors, London.

Post production and VFX were produced at The Mill, London, by VFX producer Chris Batten, 2D lead artist James Pratt, 2D artists Barnsley, Gareth Brannan and Chris Scott, and colourist Aubrey Woodiwiss.

Music is “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits.