Switzerland Tourism Weather Prophet

Switzerland Tourism has launched a new winter advertising campaign featuring a real Swiss weather prophet, Martin Horat. Twice a year, he and his colleagues from the Muotathal Valley predict the weather for the next six months by observing Nature. One colleague looks at pine cones. Another looks at mouse holes. Weather Prophet Martin Horat makes his forecast for the coming winter by studying the behaviour of ants.

Switzerland Tourism Weather Prophet Martin Horat

In the new television commercial Horat predicts a winter with lots of snow and sunshine. He can tell this by looking at the ants’ legs. “If they’ve got strong legs, it’s a sign there’ll be lots of snow in winter,” is one of Horat’s observations. In the ad, the ants “have got legs like downhill skiers.” Then he reveals that the anthill he is watching in Switzerland is also populated by ants from Holland, Italy and France. “They know exactly why they’re coming here.” According to Horat, this is a clear sign that we can look forward to a winter full of snow and sun. Click on the image below to play the video.

Weather Prophet Credits

The Weather Prophet campaign was developed at Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Zurich, by creatives Peter Brönnimann and Martin Spillmann, and agency producer Suzana Kovacevic.

Filming was shot by director Xavier Koller via Plan B, Zurich, with producer HC Vogel.