Swap It Don’t Stop It

The Australian Government is running “Swap It, Don’t Stop It”, an integrated advertising campaign encouraging Australians to make lifestyle changes to become healthier. Based on the UK Government’s 2010 Change 4 Life campaign, the project is centred around an animated balloon character Eric, who swaps big for small, often for sometimes, fried for fresh, sitting for moving and watching for playing. The Swap It campaign includes television commercials, a Facebook page, iPhone app, print, out of home and radio advertising.

Swap a Feed for a Lead - Swap It

Click on the image below to play the Become a Swapper video.

Click on the image below to play the How to Be A Swapper video.

Swap Your Stop for a Walk to the Next
Swap Fried for Fresh
Swap Sitting for Doing
Swap a Close Park for a Short Walk

The Swap It, Don’t Stop It app allows users to choose from a range of food and physical activity swaps. You can set up alerts to remind you when it’s time to make a swap — it could be getting off the bus a couple of stops early and walking the rest of the way or swapping that afternoon chocolate bar for a piece of fruit. You can even create your own swaps! The Swap It app offers the ability to track your progress and earn badges as you reach milestones as a swapper, an ingredient planner that helps you choose healthier food alternatives, a shopping list, an activity planner that lets you choose and find an activity near you.

Swap It Credits

The Swap It campaign was developed at JWT Australia by deputy creative director Keith Nicholoas, senior writer Scott Glennon, producer Justine Kubale, senior account director Scott Chapman, senior account manager Sam McConnell.

The television commercials were produced at Animal Logic by director Jesse Bradstreet, storyboard artist Adam Murphy, character designer Jeff Driver, background designers Charles Santoso and Don Ezard, modellers Jeff Driver and Tristan Connors, riggers Paolo Dominici and James Dunlop, texture artist Charles Santoso, surface artist Alice Ngo and Mark Serena, animators Adam Murphy, David Hansen, James Dunlop, Jeff Driver, Joe Helmore, Phil Jennings, FX supervisor Paul Jewell, lighting artists Jeremy Howdin, Joung Hoon Lee, Mark Serena, Laurent Makowski, compositor Jess Burnheim, producer Kate Stenhouse, production coordinator Sandra Mondinage.

Music was composed by Philip Guyler with sound designed by Paul Kenihan, Front of House.

The Swap It iPhone app was produced at Millipede