SunSense UV Photobus

Ego Pharmaceuticals are promoting SunSense sunscreen in Australia this summer with the tour of the SunSensibility UV Photobus. Ultraviolet enhanced photographs are offered free of charge, uncovering hidden UV damage, along with advice on how to remain vigilant with sun protection. Australian television personality Catriona Rowntree has been recruited as Sunsensibility ambassador, a natural fit due to her love of the Australian outdoors and constant outdoor travelling for work. The campaign is online at

Sunsense UV Photobus Photos

The custom built UV Photobus will tour 19 metro and regional locations across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Australians will be encouraged to come aboard the bus and have their face photographed for free by one of SunSense’s skincare consultants who will use the latest UV camera technology to analyse hidden UV damage, sun spots, pigmentation, freckles and moles. This free roving skin check service aims to uncover Australia’s hidden UV skin damage and measure the nation’s SunSensibility. SunSense is urging all Australians to get involved and find out their SunSensibility score as a first step in protecting against further hidden UV damage and helping to prevent skin cancer.

Sunsense UV Photobus Tour

Click on the image below to play the Catriona Rowntree video.

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Hidden UV damage is a wakeup call


The Photobus campaign was developed at Admark (UV Photobus concept) and Maverick Marketing & Communications (experiential and publicity. Photography was by Chris Budgeon.

Melissa Giuliani, Senior Brand Manager, SunSense said, “Being an Australian made brand, we’re very passionate about preventing future sun damage in all Australians. From the outset we realised that a straight sampling campaign was not going to be persuasive enough to drive the awareness we need around hidden UV damage. After consulting Admark and Maverick, we developed a campaign that is both extremely engaging and compelling. We felt that if we could actually show individuals their very own hidden UV damage, it would personalise the message, making it infinitely stronger and therefore help consumers take the preventative steps necessary during summer.”
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