Stussy and Marvel The Ultimate Teamup

US clothing company Stussy and Marvel comics are collaborating to promote a new Stussy/Marvel limited edition t-shirt line featuring artists’ takes on their favorite Marvel character. An animated promo, “The Ultimate Teamup,” features a montage of some of Marvel’s most classic characters incorporated with Stussy’s iconic graphic language.

Stussy Marvel Teamup Still

Stussy Marvel T-Shirts

“The Ultimate Teamup” opens with the Stussy and Marvel logos, which are slowly infiltrated with a very smug-looking Doctor Octopus, whose mechanical tentacles transition into the next shot of Silver Surfer soaring around the Stussy logo at lightning speed. We then transition to a crazed Punisher on a city building’s roof, whose solid figure cast in the shadow of a Stussy logo as he shoots off a round of fire. He refocuses his aim forward which transitions into a shot of a red Stussy logo within a close-up of a sinister eye. The red logo transforms into a ball of fire out of which the fearsome Doctor Doom appears, reaching forward with his enflamed hands prepared for destruction. His mouth opens as his skull moves closer, transitioning into a shot of him riding his signature red motorcycle with a red Stussy logo serving as an evening moon in the backdrop. Flames engulf the screen as we move on to a graffti-like Stussy logo atop an army tank as Captain America tumbles in from the background, immediately using his shield to hold off enemy fire. We then transition into a forest, where we see Wolverine emerge from among the Stussy-emblazoned trees, slicing the greenery with rage. We next cut to the eerie image of Ghost Rider, who engages his neon lasers to summon the Stussy and Marvel logos, brining the promo full circle. The spot closes with a URL for the Marvel x Stussy line’s website.

Click on the image below to play the Ultimate Teamup video.

Stussy and Marvel Credits

The Ultimate Teamup campaign was produced at by Robot Film Company director/composer Adam Jay Weissman, sound designer Angelo Palazzo, directing animator/storyboarder Morgan Kelly, animator/storyboarder Jeremy Bernstein, animator Ken Perkins, animator/storyboarder Sean Szeles, animator Matt Williames, animator Scott Wright, storyboarder/effects artist JJ Villard, effects artist Eric Deuel, and modeller Marcus Ng.

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