Steve Jobs Silhouette in Apple

One of the most popular graphics doing the rounds in the wake of Steve Jobs’ passing is this Apple logo with silhouette of Steve Jobs, a graphic designed by 19-year-old Jonathan Mak Long. Jonathan posted the image on his Tumblr blog on August 26 after Jobs stepped down from his Apple CEO role, with the words “Posting designs like this one makes me paranoid, because I can’t shake the feeling that it’s not original. I enjoyed the process regardless, but please let me know if somebody else beat me to the idea!”.

Steve Jobs Apple Silhouette

With the news of Steve Jobs’ death Mak reposted the image with the words, “Originally, I was going to put a black modified logo against a white background. It just didn’t feel somber enough. I just wanted it to be a very quiet commemoration. It’s just this quiet realization that Apple is now missing a piece. It’s just kind of implying his absence.”


Jonathan Mak Long is a student at Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University School of Design. Jonathan, online at, also started the project Spread A Little Joy.

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  • The ‘world’ should vote on changing the Apple logo to this image. It seems to be the purest way to mark the company from October 5th 2011 onward, make the logo even more iconic and remind us how short life is not to push do your best everyday. It is a superb design on so many levels. I hope if Apple does use it formally the company compensates Mr. Jonathan Mak Long.

  • Laxtodbx

    I couldn’t agree more with the other comment. It would be not only a fitting tribute but serve as a constant reminder to everyone on the team at apple, From this day forward. I am moved by your design and your image is now my background on my MacBook pro, iPad, and iPhone….. Thank you for sharing your inspirational and thoughtful design with the world!

  • Laxtodbx

    After looking at my post above and the other comment, I am wondering if other people share my thought and if so, how could we start a movement to promote the adoption of this design as the new corporate logo?

  • Paul Hanson

    When I first saw the image my thoughts were “Apple should change their logo to this”
    The image is brilliant and fitting in every sense.

    • Steve

      Check out this photo taken at one of the Apple Keynotes.

      • Kathy C.

        Kudos to the young man for coming up with this — it’s beautiful!! Yes, Apple should change their logo to this, but I’m willing to bet that they won’t. What a wonderful tribute to a genius — pictures do say a thousand words and for Apple this logo would say it all.

  • jane

    Is Apple really going to use this design as a new brand logo? Rumor or reality?

  • Kathy C.

    By the way, I’m referring to the logo with Steve’s picture on the side, replacing the bite of the apple, not the one with him on the bottom of the apple. That one looks ridiculous.

    • Archie

      Talk of thin line between an opportunist and an inspired person, Steve at the bottom? Ridiculous indeed, in ancient Rome the “inventor” would have been hung lol. But seriously why is he/she interfering? Aaaah!