Stern.De Updated Every Second, a site in Germany run by Gruner + Jahr & Co, ran “Updated Every Second”, a print advertising campaign using current press images modified to make a point. A stone thrower, model, soldier and streaker are each shown with in two positions, representing the sense of capturing every second action, on a constantly updated web site. The campaign won Gold for Press at the Eurobest Awards last week.

Stern Stone Thrower

Stern Model

Stern Soldier

Stern Streaker


The Updated campaign was developed at Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, by creative directors Ingo Mueller, Sven Klohk and Jens Theil, copywriter Sascha Petersen, art director Alexander Schmid, art buyer Katrin Gruen, account manager Tina Jappsen, with post production done at Pop Postproduktion, with graphic designer Gerwin Schwaeger.

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  1. Stephan says:

    Nice Art Direction but: what a no-brainer!!! Who needs an advertising campaign to be informed that the internet is faster than press. Besides the fact that news on this site are not updated every second. Typical fake ad, unfortunately successful in juries.

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