Stella Artois Respect

Stella Artois launched “Respect”, a television and cinema commercial featuring a gallant young man prepared to use every single item of his clothing to impress the girl he’s met on the street. The ultimate mark of respect, his boxer shorts, goes to a pint of Stella. The ad, shown in Argentina and Canada in June 2011, is part of the “She is a Thing of Beauty” campaign.

Stella Artois Respect

Click on the image below to play the Stella Artois Respect video.

Stella Artois Respect Credits

Respect was developed at Mother London.

Filming was shot in Prague by The Directors Bureau director Patrick Daughters via Riff Raff Films with producer Matthew Fone, line producer Charlotte Marmion and director of photography Martin Ruhe. Local production was provided by Unit Sofa, Prague, by line producers Filip Hejduk and Petra Ondrickova, production manager Veronica Lencova, production designer Petr Kunc and 1st assistant director Shakir Hafoudh. Editor was Joe Guest at Final Cut.

Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company, London, by producer Julie Evans, and VFX supervisor Bill McNamara.

Music is by Peter Raeburn at Soundtree, London.