Stedfast Jumbled Conspiracy

Stedfast shredders are being promoted in India with “Jumbled Conspiracy”, a print advertising campaign designed at Mudra, New Delhi. Launched at the end of April, the campaign presents puzzling scenes with many elements obviously out of place. Despite our best efforts, the bed, locker and torture scenario will not make sense. “They’ll never put the story back together”.

Stedfast Bed Jumbled Conspiracy

Stedfast Locker Jumbled Conspiracy

Stedfast Torture Jumbled Conspiracy


The Jumbled Conspiracy campaign was developed at Mudra, New Delhi, by executive creative director Nirmal Pulickal, creative director/art director/copywriter Raylin Valles, art director/copywriter Saachi Sharma, photographer Amol Jadhav and designer/illustrator Bhushan Patil.

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