Starbucks Holiday Coffee

Starbucks has released its 2011 holiday themed coffee blends, with specially designed packaging for Christmas Blend beans, Holiday Blend beans, Decaf Christmas Blend beans, 30 oz Christmas Blend beans, and Ready Brew Christmas Blend.

Starbucks Christmas Blend Beans

Starbucks Christmas Blend Beans

Starbucks Christmas Blend Beans

Starbucks Holiday Blend Beans

Starbucks Christmas Blend Beans 30 oz

Starbucks Christmas Blend Ready Brew

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  • This Starbucks campaign also includes an interesting app, called Cup Magic. The augmented reality tecnology brings to life the 5 illustrated characters. The video here: 🙂

  • advertising boca raton

    very nice, I love how it looks!

  • Erica | Direct Mail Los Angeles

    Really nice design for the Christmas packaging… One thing with Starbucks is they never lose the character that their brand portrays even when they change their design.

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