Starbucks Create Jobs for USA

Starbucks has launched Create Jobs for USA, a campaign deisgned to create and sustain jobs across the country, collaborating with GOOD/Corps, a social innovation firm in Los Angeles affiliated with GOOD Magazine. Create Jobs for USA is an initiative to collect funds for job creation through grassroots community businesses. Starting today, you can walk into any of the 7,000 Starbucks locations nationwide, make a $5 donation, and Starbucks will give 100% of that money to community development financial institutions (CDFIs).

Create Jobs for USA

Elements of the design campaign include the tag line, “Visibly Indivisible” as well as design and writing for Starbucks’ website and Create Jobs for USA’s “How It Works Page”. GOOD/Corps created infographic GOODSheets, available at every Starbucks store around the country, helping customers to visualize the intricacies of the campaign while standing in line or waiting for their beverage.

Click on the image below to play the Create Jobs television commercial in YouTube

Create Jobs for USA
Create Jobs for USA 9.1 percent
Small Businesses Create Jobs for USA
Create Jobs for USA - Who can help?
Create Jobs for USA - Wristband is worth $35
Create Jobs for USA We're Stronger
Create Jobs for USA Infographic

Create Jobs for USA Credits

The Create Jobs for USA was developed at GOOD Corps, Los Angeles by a team led by strategic lead Sebastian Buck and creative director Driscoll Reid. Design and illustration were by Liz Meyer, Brooklyn, New York.

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