SPCA Find Your Pet in Auckland

SPCA in New Zealand is encouraging pet owners to have microchips inserted under the skin of their animal’s skin in this print advertising campaign from Colenso BBDO. The message, “Find your pet with a microchip”, is added to aerial photographs of suburban streets in Mission Bay, Howick and Botany Downs, Auckland, revealing two dogs and a cat. “If your pet is chipped we can find it and return it in 24 hours. For more information visit spca.org.nz”.

SPCA Mission Bay

SPCA Howick

SPCA Botany Downs


The Find Your Pet campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, by executive creative director Nick Worthington, creative director Levi Slavin, art director Victoria Daltrey, copywriter Will Bingham, group account director Scott Coldham and designer Mike Davison.