Sony in Two Worlds

Sony has released a new stereo 3D commercial, “Two Worlds” for Sony’s 3D home entertainment products. The spot makes extensive use of computer-generated stereo 3D to shatter the barrier between story and audience, bringing to life the tagline, “Don’t just watch. Feel.” “Two Worlds” takes the lightning-strike feeling of love at first sight and brings it into the 3D realm, following a young man and woman as they’re drawn inevitably together while the physical world shatters around them in deference to the power of the moment. The spot, which broke on national TV October 4, is playing in 3D theatres and Sony in-store 3D displays nationwide.

Sony Two Worlds commercial

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Filming was shot by director Arev Manoukian via Spy Films with executive producer Carlo Trulli, producer Macus Trulli, and director of photography Bojan Bazelli.

Animation and visual effects were produced at Digital Domain by EVP Ed Ulbrich, executive producer Tanya Cohen and Jim Riche, visual effects supervisor Richard Morton, senior producers Melanie La Rue and Michael Shores, CG supervisor David Liu, coordinator William Lemmon, previsualisation artist Niles Heckman, technical directors Derek Crosby and Adrian Dimond, data integration producer Michael Lori, roto artists Hilery Johnson Copeland and Kanae Morton, digital artists Ryan Apuy, Lee Carlton, Daisuke Nagae. Anthony Ramirez, Gideon Vandegrift, animators Samir Lyons and Dan Patterson, lead FX artist Jason Mortimer, FX artists John Cooper, Eric Ebling, Ken Jones, lead Nuke compositor Rafael F. Colón, Nuke compositor Arthur Argote, Sven Dreesbach, Niles Heckman, Aruna Inversin, Lenz Kol, Flame artists Christopher DeCristo and Jeff Heusser.