Sony Geeks Guide to Get Girls

Sony has launched “A Geeks Guide to Get Girls”, a creative web series designed to promote its latest gadget, the SRS-BTV25 Bluetooth® wireless speaker for SmartPhone, iPhone and iPad. Launched on a range of European Sony Youtube channels, the series features three crazy nerds trying their best to impress the girls next door, played by Bruno Sanches, Loïc Bartolini, Loïc Fieffé. The campaign is online at Facebook and Twitter and Youtube.

Geeks Guide to Get Girls

Tune in and join the party in a surprising new web series, born from the collaboration between Sony, Reflex Virtual and Point-Barre. Find out what the girls are up to, especially the one in the hat. What about the guy in the bow tie? Find out what they’re all listening to, it’s got to be amazing. Find out what the geek is doing and what’s shocking him. Discover this and more on October 10 in the ‘Geek’s guide to get girls’. What about the mysterious, enigmatic lady in black? Who is she smiling at? It could be you. Find out what’s got them hooked on October 10th. Here’s a clue; it’s round and black. It’s superbly stylish and it’s from Sony. Click on the image below to play the introductory video in YouTube (HD)

An air of mystery, a full moon, spooky music. And we’re back at the party. Discover three nerdy protagonists in this new mysterious web series. In this first episode, our three heroes try to organize the best party of the neighborhood using their unlimited creativity. Yet, they’ll soon realize that they can achieve their dream with a simpler plan and a better sound experience. Here’s a clue; it’s small, round and white. It’s superbly stylish and it’s from Sony. Click on the image below to play Episode 1 in YouTube (HD)

Our heroes’ plan to host the best party of the neighbourhood is an epic failure. Thanks to a better sound experience, the guys next door have won the first battle. Our three nerdy characters, however, have more than one trick up on their sleeve. But they’ll soon realise that achieving their goal is not so easy. Click on the image below to play Episode 2 in YouTube (HD)

Our nerds were so close to achieving their goal. The party was a huge success until they got evicted from their house by the guys next door. Fortunately, our heroes will find a way to bite back! Click on the image below to play Episode 3 in YouTube (HD)


The Geeks Guide campaign was developed at Reflex Group, Paris and New York, and Point-Barre, Paris, by copywriter/director/editor Marc Fouchard, Reflex executive producer/copywriter David Carvalho, copywriter/storyboarder Frank Aufaure, storyboarder Jonathan Monfroy, line producer/designer/illustrator Ronan Quidu, line producer Raphaël Daguet, production manager Sébastien Floris, assistant director Alexia Segard, director of photography Christophe Debraize-Bois, camera assistant Yannig Dumoulin, lighting technicians Quentin Marcowsky and Alexis Fondvieille, sound engineers Michel Adamik and Stéphane Gessat. Music is by Cyrille Marchesseau. Sound effects were by Julien Begault.

Geeks Guide to Get Girls

Geeks Guide to Get Girls

Geeks Guide to Get Girls

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