Sonoma International Film Festival Tipsy

Sonoma International Film Festival, held in 2011 between April 6 and 10, is running “Tipsy”, a promotional short film celebrating the connection between the film industry and the wine industry of the region. Tipsy, a puppeteered wine bottle character enhanced with photo real animation, sings about the 2011 film festival in Sonoma. He loves film. He loves good food. And he loves to drink – a little too much.

Director Tipsy in Sonoma International Film Festival short film


The Tipsy short film was commissioned at ICA Ideas by executive creative directors Michael Wilde and Jack Fund.

Animation was produced at Psyop by creative directors Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick, executive producers Kim Wildenburg and Michael Schlenker, producers Cally Morton and Amanda Miller, assistant producer Minh Ly, live action producer Michael Angelos, director of photography Christopher Gallo, VFX supervisor Lane Jolly, designers Kenesha Sneed and Jordan Metcalf, storyboard artist Vinny Delay, lead technical director David Chontos, lead compositors Lane Jolly and Ryan Raith, modelers Matt Berenty, Aaron Vest, rigger Sean Kealey, animators Dan Vislocky, Ryan Moran, David Han, Sean Kealey, texture artist Matt Berenty, lighting Matt Berenty, lead tracking artist Mark Lipsmeyer, compositer Stephen Holbrook, lead roto artist Stephen Holbrook.

Editor was Brett Nicoletti at Smile Edit.

Music was produced at Changeling Music, Melbourne, by composer Jamie Saxe. Lyrics are by Jennie Chamberlain and Gabriel Lichstein. Sound was mixed at Lime Studios by mixers Lindsey Alvarez and Francine Boucher, and executive producer Bruce Horwitz.

Director Tipsy in Sonoma International Film Festival short film