SNY More Sports More Testosterone

SportsNet New York (SNY) has launched a new series of commercials using the tagline, “More Sports. More Testosterone.” The new campaign features a series of ads that depict the positive impact watching sports has on a man’s testosterone levels with one ad showcasing how it has a positive impact on a man’s libido, muscle development and hairiness. The campaign is built on a concept explored in a Utah university research project linking testosterone exposure to watching sports on television. As SNY’s audience is predominantly men, the ads were created to target the male demographic with a provocative tone.

SNY Muscle commercial SNY More Sports More Testosterone


In “Libido” a young bride gets more than she bargained for when Leopold, her 95 year old husband gets a reinvigorating surge of manhood from watching SNY. Click on the image below to play the Libido video.


In “Muscle”, a New York sports fan goes from scrawny to brawny from watching SNY. Click on the image below to play the Muscle video.


The last spot in the campaign, “Sasquatch”, stars a hairless sports fanatic Brad, who sprouts a wild animal-worthy coat of fur as he watches SNY. Click on the image below to play the Sasquatch video.

SNY More Sports More Testosterone Credits

The Testosterone campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather New York by creative directors Arturo Gigante and Debbie Kasher and executive producer Lisa Christman.

Filming was shot in London by director Ulf Johansson via Smith and Jones Films, London, with director of photography Steve Keith-Roach, executive producer Philipa Smith and producer Polly Leach.

Editor was Andrea Macarthur at Peepshow with executive producer Deborah Sullivan and producer Desiree Cobb.

Post production and effects were produced at Absolute Post by lead Flame artist Nathan Kane, Flame assist Krissy Nordella, executive producer Sally Heath, producer Mitch Stockwell.

Colorist was Tim Masic at Company 3. Audio post production was done at Sound Lounge by mixer Tom Jucarone.