Snickers Sharks in Peanut Butter Squared Focus Group

Snickers entered the danger zone this year with ‘Focus Group’, a television commercial featuring a group of great white sharks discussing the flavor of people they’ve eaten. The most tasty specimen is the one who’s just eaten a Snickers Peanut Butter Square. Makes you wonder how human focus groups responded to this commercial.

Snickers Shark Focus Group

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Shark Focus Group was developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officer David Lubars, senior creative director/copywriter Peter Kain, art director Gianfranco Arena and executive producer Amy Wertheimer.

Filming was shot by director Jim Jenkins from O Positive, New York, with director of photography Mott Hupfel. Editor was Jason MacDonald at No6, New York.

Visual effects were produced at Framestore, New York, by VFX supervisor/lead Flame artist Ben Cronin, CG lead/technical director James Dick, animation lead Shayne Ryan, animation team Seth Gollub, Tyler Heckman, Ben Fox, Alex Horton, lighting team Andy Walker, John Montesfusco, Jesse Flores, Christina Lum, Michitaka Inoue, and executive producer James Razzall.

Framestore has worked on a number of CG fish and sea creatures over the years (Audi “Drink Like a Fish” & Johnnie Walker “Fish”) so lots of research and development has already been invested in getting the skin and textures of sea creatures to look perfect. Ben Cronin (VFX Supervisor) & James Dick (CG Lead) even shot a real dog-fish on set to work out how the skin would react to the strip lighting. This was not so popular with the crew, but it made for great visual reference.