Smart For Two Big Idea

Daimler AG smart used Valentine’s Day to launch “A Big Idea for Two”, a new campaign for the Smart For Two car in Germany. A series of five commercials, using animated street art, was used as a tribute to love, along with a radio spot, an extensive dealer communication package, print, web and iphone campaigns. The campaign has been translated into English, Spanish, French and Italian and released on YouTube, YouTube and mobile applications.

Smart Big Idea for Two Web

Click on the image below to play the A Big Idea for Two video.

Click on the image below to play the For the Curious video.

Click on the image below to play the For Individualists video.


The Big Idea for Two campaign was developed at BBDO Berlin by creative team Toygar Bazarkaya, Sascha Dudic, Jan Harbeck, Ton Hollander, Simone Kiening, Jan Lawrence, Jose Lozano, Shelly Lui, Max Marohn, Daniel Maurer, David Mously, Daniel Ridder Press, Jens Ringenäs, Wolfgang Schneider, Nicolai Spreng, Felix Waldow Dana Wolf, Ingo Zacher, consultants Andrea Bey, Arne Cornelsen, Gülcan Demir, Christopher Hill, Michaela Hünlein, Lars Island man, Ashkan Maleki, Jan Hendrik Oelckers, Dirk Spakowski, Sebastian Schlosser Thanh, Vu Tran.

Animation was produced at Film Deluxe Berlin, by producers Stephan Pauly, Katharina Strauss, executive producer Glenn Bernstein, and at Shilo, New York, by director Jose Gomez, associate creative director Tom Green, director of photography Daniel Ortega, editor Josh Bodnar, character designer Ken G. Lee, animation director Brian Covalt, cell animation team Max Keane, Melvina Wong, Katherine Morris, compositing team Tom Green, Nathan Davies, Stephanie Corda, Garrett Marks, compositing assistants Gary Jones and Steven Galvez, VFX artist Tim Turner, storyboard artist Mark Pacella, assistant editors Zach Vandlik, Garrett Marks, Chris Halmo, line producer Jeremy Yaches, senior producer Hilary Wright, head of production Julie Shevac, and executive producer Arthur Portnoy.

Finishing was done at Company 3 by Flame artist Randie Swanberg and colorists Tom Poole and Sean Coleman. Sound was produced at Studio Funk, Berlin. Music was composed at Audioforce, Berlin.

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Smart Big Idea print ad

Smart Big Idea print ad