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The Office of Road Safety in Western Australia has launched “Enjoy the Ride”, a long term advertising campaign designed to show that there is an alternative to speeding — on the road and in life. And it’s a better way. The messaging turns the traditional finger-waving, shock tactic approach on its head. The program is designed to roll out over three years. The first phase messaging will be communicated via a 3-minute launch TVC, road-blocking commercial free-to-air TV, two 30-second TVCs, a dedicated lifestyle website featuring editorial and consumer content, radio, outdoor, community posters and a coffee-table book designed to inspire opinion leaders and create advocates.

Enjoy the Ride commercial

Click on the images below to play the 3 minute video, and one of the 30 second videos.

Strategic development and research told the campaign team that speeding is not just a young male/hoon problem. Everyone speeds at a small
 level. 82% of WA drivers admit to speeding. According to Synovate Research in 2010, 70% of people with hectic lifestyles admit to speeding. Only 40% of people with relaxed lifestyles admit to speeding. Shock, gore and emotional manipulation are becoming increasingly less effective, as audiences become desensitised. The way we drive is a symptom of the way we live: Too fast. Life is better when we slow down.

Slow Down and Enjoy The Ride poster

The Enjoy the Ride campaign acknowledges the frantic world we live in and takes a holistic approach to reducing speed. Culturally the campaign couldn’t have come at a better time. The ‘Slow Movement’ is gaining traction across the developed world. The campaign suggests that we take a look at not only how fast we drive, but also how fast we live. When we slow them down they both become more rewarding and less stressful. We should treat our vehicles as a sanctuary from speed and enjoy the ride.

Slow Down and Enjoy The Ride book

Enjoy The Ride Credits

The Enjoy The Ride campaign was developed at 303 Group, Perth, by creatives Richard Berney, Dav Tabeshfar, Emma Clowes & Liam Riddler, account director Donna-Maree Gavin, strategist Derry Simpson, working with Office of Road Safety communications director/strategist Roger Farley and communications manager Bart Hodgen.

Filming was shot by director Corrie Jones via ZZ Productions & Gould St Productions. Editor was Merlin Eden at Siamese. Sound was produced by Brad Habib at Soundbyte. Music was composed by Elliott Wheeler at Turning Studios, Sydney.

Slow Down and Enjoy The Ride logo