Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure: The Beginning

PandaPanther, in conjunction with 72andSunny, have released a two minute commercial for Activision’s new video game, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. The promo spot explains how Spyro and his fellow Skylanders arrived on Earth in the form of collectible toys.

Skylanders Spyro Gill Chat

A 90 second version has been released online and shown on television, while the full two minute piece will be aired exclusively in 3D before screenings of the Puss In Boots 3D movie.

Skylanders Evil Kaos
Skylanders Spyro Portal Base

Skylanders: The Beginning Credits

Skylanders: The Beginning was made for Activision at 72 and Sunny by creative directors Jason Norcross and Bryan Rowles, group brand director Alex Schneider, designer Jake Kahana, copywriters Tim Wolfe and Mike Van Linda, brand managers Ellie Schmidt and Mandy Hein, agency producer Danielle Tarris and assistant producer Becca Purice.

Production was done at Caviar by director Jorma Taccone and EP Michael Sagol.

The film was animated at PandaPanther by directors Jonathan Garin and Naomi Nishimura, technical director Adam Burke, stereo supervisor Navid Bagherzadeh, designers Diana Park and Ivy Tai, storyboard artists Fred Fassberger, Paul Boanno and David Reuss, editors Maria Diakova and Alan Ortiz, set builders and art department Junko Shimizu, Janet Kim, Shinya Nakamura and Kazushige Yoshitake, matte painting artists Tim Matney, Andrew Leung and Nick Giassullo, modellers/photogrammetrists Sam Dewitt, Eric Xu, Jeeah Huh, Ari Hwang, Herculano Fernandes and Cristina Aponte, riggers Jason Bikofsky, Amy Hay and Zhenting Zhou, Previsualizers Richard Cayton and Adam Burke, character animators Han Hu (lead), Guy Bar’ely (lead), Henning Koczy, Sam Crees, Jordan Blit, Doug Litos, Danny Speck, Jeff Kim, and Jared Eng, junior animators Doug Rappin, Chris Devito, Darren Chang and Chang Pei Wu, 3D effects animators Reggie Fourmyle and Rich Magan, lighting and tecturing artists Dave White (lead), Ari Hwang, Herculano Fernandes, Laura Sayan Gabai, Lucy Choi, Christina Ku, Jeeah Huh, Carl Fong and Cristina Aponte (intern), compositors Matt St. Leger (lead), Gerald Mark Soto, Chris Gereg, Adam Yost, Navid Bagherzadeh, Gabriel Regentin, Bryan Cobonpue, Sohee Sohn and Yingshu Lai (intern), producers Amy Fahl and Angela Foster, production coordinators Lauren Simpson and Jazeel Gayle, production office manager Erica Armstrong and systems rendering TD Craig Zimmerman.

Visual Effects were produced at MPC by EP Asher Edwards, lead colorist Mark Gethin, and lead artist Ben Davidson.