Skittles Gif Rap the Rainbow

Wrigley Canada has launched Skittles “Gif Rap The Rainbow”, a site combining animated gifs and rap tracks. Visitors to the site,, can design their personalised gif gift using one of four scenes featuring Santa and Mrs Claus, an elf and a dog, along with a choice of four tracks, “Make it Reindeer”, “Holly Atcha Boy”, “I saw Mommy dissin’ Santa Claus”, “Yo Yo Yo”.

Skittles Gif Rap the Rainbow


The Gif Rap the Rainbow campaign was developed at BBDO Toronto, by creative directors Carlos Moreno and Peter Ignazi, copywriter Chris Joakim, art director Mike Donaghey, producer Jennifer Morrison, account team Chitty Krishnappa and Bhreagh Rathbun.

Filming was shot by director Miles Jay via Family Style with line producer Liz Dussault and editor Jonathan Eagan.

The site was developed at Pixelpusher and hosted at Fatbox, produced at Lunch by online producers Amy Miranda and Ella Gruber, and designer Scott Hiers.

Music was produced at Apollo Studios, Toronto, by Didier Tovel.