Sir Richards Condoms

TDA Advertising and Design in Boulder, Colorado, started the Sir Richard’s Condoms brand from scratch in partnership with Kreloff Equity Partners. It is a for profit company that donates one condom in developing countries for every condom sold in the U.S. The design is intended to be more appealing to consumers than the very pharmaceutical offerings currently on shelf. The agency brought in the much-belittled ’80s accessory, the fanny pack (bum bag), leaving it on bikes in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boulder within a close distance to Sir Richard’s retailers Whole Foods and Walgreens. The simple hang tag attached explains everything: “This is a complimentary fanny pack. When worn as a fashion accessory by a man, it makes for excellent birth control. No man has ever been seduced while wearing a fanny pack in the history of the fanny pack. In the event you prefer your birth control to involve actual intercourse, may we suggest Sir Richard’s Condoms.” We’ve also included here a range of further promotional material from the Sir Richards Condom campaign, including Box stickers, the Significant Other Massage app, the pocket square, and

Sir Richards Fanny Pack

Sir Richards Fanny Pack on Bike Wheel

Sir Richards Sticker - Minivan

Sir Richards Sticker - Diapers

Sir Richards Sticker - Stroller

Sir Richards Website

Sir Richards Website

Sir Richards Significant Other App

Sir Richards Significant Other App

Sir Richards Pocket Square

Sir Richards Pocket Square instructions

Sir Richards Wildpostings

Sir Richards Wildpostings Trinity School


The Sir Richards campaign was developed at TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder, by creative director/copywriter Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley, art director Austin O’Connor.

Bags were sourced by Source Bag Republic.

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