Silent National Anthem in India

BIG Cinemas in India prepared a signed version of the Indian national anthem to be shown in theatres on Republic Day, 26 January 2011. Nearly 500 children with hearing and speech disabilities from eight Mumbai-based special schools gathered for nine days of rehearsal before filming at Don Bosco School, Mumbai. The film, shown before films in BIG Cinema theatres, challenges 1.2 billion citizens of a country with over 20 languages to unite together and celebrate diversity.

Silent National Anthem boys

PATRIOTISM KNOWS NO LANGUAGE. We’re a nation of 1.2 billion who speak over 20 languages. If we all love our language to the point of discriminating against others, our tongues will become the swords that’ll divide this land. Let us, together, start a movement to celebrate our differences. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Silent National Anthem concept was developed at at Mudra, Mumbai, by creative director Bobby Pawar.

Filming was shot by director Amit Sharma via Chrome Pictures with producers Hemant Bhandari and Prafull Sharma, co-director Aleya Sen, director of photography Amiit Roy, assistant directors Naved Ahmed, Puneet Bhatia and Vijay Veermal, production managers Daniel, Sandeep Gupta and Tufail Ahmed.

Music was recomposed and produced by Micu Patel. Post production was done at Pixion Studio by manager Datta Yewale, and at Reliance Mediaworks. Editor was Shekher.

Children were coached in sign language by Sangeeta Gala, a mute-training and lip reading specialist teacher. Costumes were produced by Veera Kapur.