Securitas Direct Verisure Yourself

Security company Securitas Direct has launched “Verisure Yourself“, an iPhone app designed to deal with “so-called-friends” posting unflattering photos and comments on social networks. The app uses humor to address the serious issue of online abuse, sending fictional character Sgt. Verisure to give violators a lesson on online manners. The app is a bridge to the the company’s new technology concept Verisure – “Alarms with IQ” and is used as a device to establish a dialogue with young adults that is looking to build their career with the company. Users are invited to learn more about the company culture and job, supported by a series of web documentaries that connects them to the Verisure social community on Facebook and and YouTube.

Sgt Verisure

Click on the image below to play the case study video.

Click on the image below to play the Team Leader Documentary video.


The Verisure Yourself campaign was developed at Join The Carnival, Stockholm.

Filming for Sgt Verisure was produced at The Kompany. The app was built at The Mobile Life. Documentaries were filmed by director Uffe Truust via Stuff Productions, Copenhagen, with producer Christophe Johansen. Music was produced at Plan8.