Schradinova Pencil Revolution

The music video for Pencil Revolution, a track from Schradinova’s new album India Lima Oscar Victor Echo You, features lead singer Janne Schra struggling to deal with pencils that have come alive in a bizarre humanoid form. Contemporary vintage style collages are set in motion with the bursting, popping, sparkling rhythm of flat 3D and stop animation, with choreography inspired by the Charleston dance, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Look out for Che Guevara and his magic smoking pencil, jumping bronze Lenin (with Lennon eyes) and a French guillotine slicing bread into cupcakes.

Pencil Revolution

Click on the image below to play the Pencil Revolution video.

Pencil Revolution Credits

Pencil Revolution was written by Janne Schra and Tony Roe and released by Universal Netherlands.

The Pencil Revolution music video was produced at Galerija 12, Belgrade, Serbia, by director/art director Igor Orsolic, art director/collage artist Vesna Pesic, director of photography Filip Jasnic, 3D animator Marko Milankovic, 2D animator/artist Milos Rajkovic, stylist/make up artist Milica Kolaric, hair stylist Dusan Petrovic for CreativeTeam, language consultants Goran Dimitrijevic (English), Tamara Luzajic (Dutch). Editing and post production was done at Young & Healthy.