SBS Tour de France

SBS coverage of the 2011 Tour de France was promoted this year with a commercial featuring Matt Goodrick, in Babici gear, climbing through the hills of New Zealand. The SBS Tour de France advertisement delves into a physiological landscape, exploring the drive and mental energy it takes these riders to tackle such an epic endurance event. “True endurance isn’t simply passion or sheer determination. It drives us, carries us, is a part of us. Where was it born, this infinite power? There’s no way out. Only a way up. Do you sense me? Do you feel me? Do you know me? Of course you do. But it doesn’t end here”.

SBS Tour de France

Click on the image below to play the SBS Tour de France video.

SBS Tour de France Credits

The Tour de France campaign was developed at SBS by on air communications manager Chelsea Vaux, marketing production manager Vanessa Barrett, promo producer Anne-Maree Da Silva.

Filming was shot by director Dael Oates via Prodigy Films, Sydney, with executive producer Nerissa Kavanagh, producer Ben Swaffer, director of photography Peter Eastgate, editor Adam Wills. Sound was produced at Silencio.