Say Yes Australia to Cutting Carbon Pollution

Australian activist groups are encouraging Australians to back putting a price on carbon pollution with “Say Yes Australia”, an integrated advertising campaign. Online at, the campaign includes a television commercial starring high profile actors Cate Blanchett and Michael Caton, a series of posters and print advertisements, a Facebook page and Twitter stream.

Say Yes Australia TV ad

Click on the image below to play the Say Yes Australia commercial in YouTube

Say Yes to Cutting Carbon Pollution poster

Say Yes Seven Reasons poster


Actors in the Say Yes Australia ad are Michael Caton, David Pysden at Global Carbon Systems, P Penn, B Walker, L Bazzi and Cate Blanchett.

The Say Yes Australia campaign was developed at Republic of Everyone, working with Australian Conservation Foundation, Australian Council of Trade Unions, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Climate Action Network Australia, The Climate Institute, Environment Victoria (on behalf of Australia’s Conservation Councils), GetUp!, Greenpeace Australia Pacific and WWF Australia.

Filming was shot by director Leigh Richards via Jungle Boys.

Click on the image below to play the Australia Says Yes Week video in YouTube

  • Geoff Harkins

    Why does this country need a carbon tax, we aren’t even sure if it’s carbon is the sole contributor which is causing all the related damage. We don’t produce anywhere near the same amount of carbon emissions as China, India and America, why should we be slugged with another tax and hope this government can solve the world’s problems.

  • Lithospherial

    Love this campaign – Despite what they were saying on Q and A. (I didn’t get what they were talking about.) It is attractive and positive and just what is needed. I just hope the Labour party, or someone gets on board with promoting a few key factors that don’t seem to be getting through, such as it is the polluters that pay the tax, not households, and households will be compensated if polluters put prices up. Unfortunately in this country it seems to be all about me and my hip pocket.

  • June

    It’s about encouraging the development of alternative carbon-free sources of energy. There’s no question about the impact of carbon-based energy production on pollution levels. How much that impacts climate change is less clear. All the same it is a no brainer to do something about it. Changing the world starts with us wherever we are, not just with someone else somewhere else.

  • It’s a pity that it will probably take climate change damage to convince people to change their views on this. Every initiative on the carbon-cutting front matters and Cate Blanchett is a good choice when it comes to getting the message out.

    She and her husband are joint artistic directors at the Sydney Theatre Company where they set up a solar farm and improved waste management and recycling. Unlike a lot of celebrities when it comes to the environment… Cate Blanchett doesn’t just talk, she also walks the walk.

    Pic of the STC solar farm – here: